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Commercial Property Appraisal is proud to have so many satisfied customers - from buyers and sellers, to real estate agents and appraisers, to mortgage brokers and lending institutions. They've come searching for valuations of apartment buildings, office space, industrial, retail, shopping centers and all other income producing properties, and as you can see by reading their comments, our service has paid off in dividends. We hope you have the same experience.

Buyers Success Stories
Sellers Success Stories
Buyers Success Story #27

"Before I found your site, I was wasting time on negative cash-flow deals. Thanks to you, I'm always in the black."
Boise, Idaho
Sellers Success Story #3

"I wasn't looking to sell, but after seeing how much my apartment complex had gone up in value, I couldn't help but sell to one of your recommended investors. I sold the building for $1.3 million and paid no Realtor fees, thus saving $78,000!"
West Hollywood, California
Buyers Success Story #18

"Thanks for saving me $30,000! Your report enabled me to negotiate the seller down to a more reasonable price."
Phoenix, Arizona

Sellers Success Story #115

"My investment property sat on the market for 10 months before I fired my agent and tried your service. Within 3 days I had an offer from one of your investors and we closed yesterday. Thanks again!"
Buffalo, New York
Buyers Success Story #73

"WOW! I had this property under contract but had a hunch it wasn't worth as much as they were asking. So, I purchased one of your reports and gladly backed out when I realized I was about to over pay by $75,000! 6 months later, it's still on the market with no takers. Thanks for setting me straight!"
Temecula, California
Sellers Success Story #56

"Thanks for helping me price my mixed use property for a quick sale. I received 3 offers the same week and got $45,000 over asking price."
San Francisco, California
Buyers Success Story #112

"I thought one of these office condos would be a good investment until I purchased a report on it. Turns out I would be hemorrhaging cash for at least 6 months. Thanks for saving me the grief."
Sacramento, California
Sellers Success Story #84

"I had no idea it would be so easy to sell my commercial property for the price I wanted once I had one of your reports on hand to justify the price I was asking."
Las Vegas, Nevada
Buyers Success Story #4

"As a beginning investor, I had no idea how to determine what a good price was for purchasing commercial property. Now, thanks to your service, I know I'm never over paying."
Dallas, Texas
Sellers Success Story #18

"When my agent insisted that my 4-plex was only worth $120,000 I put him to the test and discovered it was really worth $145,000! Thanks to you, I'll never be cheated again."
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Buyers Success Story #13

"Thanks for making me $50,000 in one week! Your report helped me negotiate a better deal with the seller and find another investor to flip the property to the following week."
Cleveland, Ohio


Sellers Success Story #39

"Thanks for making me an extra $30,000. To think I almost accepted an offer without knowing what my property was really worth."
Mobile, Alabama


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